At Aardhya our counsellors are experienced in supporting couples dealing with the various stresses that can arise as a result of fertility problems or as a result of fertility treatment.

Fertility problems have a tremendous impact on emotions, on social interactions with family and friends and can affect relationships. Undergoing treatment using reproductive technologies raises many questions and concerns.  Procedures that involve the use of donated sperm or eggs from a third party present unique challenges for the participants. Consequently, the goals of counseling depend upon the individual needs of the patients involved.

Specific goals include determining your readiness to proceed with various treatments, understanding the implications of the proposed treatment for yourselves as well as the potential child.  It also provides support to with deal with potential treatment problems and disappointments.

Counseling services assist patients to make informed decisions with regard to their treatment. Coping with treatment demands and managing the stress of an unsuccessful treatment cycle are also issues that are addressed.

Every couple is unique and their needs are unique. Hence Aaradhya understands the patients as well and offers different types of counseling such as

  • Counseling for Investigation of Subfertilile couple
  • Counseling for treatment options like IVF, IUI …
  • Counseling for Donor Programs
  • Counseling for Failed IVF
  • Counseling for Surrogacy
  • Counseling for Gamet Freezing (Patients Suffering from Cancer)
  • Counseling for post Abortion
  • Family Counseling
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Counseling for Weight Reduction