Anuradha & Srinivas

"We are very grateful to Dr Saritha for bringing us light into our lives. Years together we are in bumps of sadness. But, Dr Saritha Suresh's caring gave me the strength to fight my struggles. Finally, a sweet little boy came into our lives and made our lives better than ever.

Nitya & Mitesh

"13 years of long waiting came to an end at the doorsteps of Aaradhya Fertility Centre. Dr Saritha cherished our dreams of Parenthood. With her caress, I am carrying the Joy of my Life. The experience was memorable. We are deeply grateful to Dr Saritha Suresh.

Swathi & Subhash

"When we are seeing for a little hope then we came across Aaradhya fertility Centre. It has been a great journey with you. It was a magical moment for me and my wife as we were desperate to have our baby.


I am a pampered daughter and daughter-in-law as well. Everything seems so perfect in life till a few years of marriage. Infertility started haunting me so badly, felt very depressed more than me both my parents and in-laws. Referred by a renowned doctor visited Aaradhya tried a few sample procedure but not successful. We decided for IVF we are blessed with a baby girl. Now everything sense so happy for me and my husband. My little princess is named Aaradhya at the end of her name. She is young Princess for my parents as well as in-laws.

Sri Lakshmi & Subrahmanyam"

"After 11 unsuccessful years of marriage, we met Dr Saritha. The magic in her hand made me pregnant in the first IVF cycle. Had a great experience with all the staff. All of them are very kind and polite to both of us. We would like to recommend to all our friends who still struggling to have babies.


"Aaradhya fertility Centre is a boon for expecting mothers, where you could find the best possible treatment with affordable charges. I surely recommend Dr Saritha for any Infertility issues. She had a great experience in handling complex infertility issues to success with advanced and state-of-art techniques in the field of Medical Science. She is a good listener and takes time to understand the patients' issues clearly and gives proper treatment with care and kindness

Pramod Sahu

I was facing some problems in having a child of my own naturally so I went to Aaradhya Fertility Center. Dr Sarita suggested IVF treatment for me although I was sceptical after the first attempt failed but the results turned out positive after the second try.

Mahesh & Devi

After 2 years of our marriage life, my wife couldn’t get pregnant. Our family doctor referred Aaradhya fertility clinic. We came here and my wife undergone IVF which is success in the first attempt itself. She is carrying twins and the due date was in April. Dr Saritha Suresh is great and good human being. She guided and supported us in all through our journey. From the bottom of our heart we Thank Saritha Madam, each and every staff in the hospital.


Lirish and me were very happy about madam Dr. Sarita and staff at AARADHYA. Thank you madam for your support during our 2 months of treatment. We put on hold everything in life, henceforth we both will move forward in life in building our family rest.

Mrs. Pramila & Mr. Visweswara Rao

We were married for 3 years. We visited many clinics for children with no positive result. Last our Family Doctor referred Dr Saritha Suresh. After reching Aaradhya, I was conceived withih two months. Now I am carrying my little angel in my Hands. This is all because of you Mam. I am grateful to Saritha mam and all the supporting staff in Aaradhya.